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For over 80 years, our focus has been on protecting the assets that our customers have worked diligently to obtain. We pride ourselves on understanding the business of our customers so we can work with them to customize risk management strategies to help protect their companies. 

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Professional Services


Your exposures are unique and deserve equally unique solutions.

Commercial Insurance Solutions

Risk Management 


Brown & Brown of Santa Barbara employs a Senior Risk Engineer to work with our clients, and our teammates to develop risk management strategies to identify, analyze, evaluate, treat, and monitor risk.



Contractors have complex insurance and risk management needs. We have expertise in this field to assist with designing tailored insurance solutions to meet the unique and challenging exposures that arise in this field.



We protect facilities as well as providers and manage a variety of complex risks including medical malpractice, fixed or mobile medical equipment, human capital, managed care E&O or D&O, and more. 



Brown & Brown helps guard manufacturers producing metals to plastics to food and beverage. Our customized products are geared towards protecting our customer's revenue streams, valued property, and products.

Hospitality Insurance

This industry focuses on serving the needs of their customers. Our team focuses on providing insurance services and solutions that allows you to better serve your customers while protecting your business.



Our experienced team works with a range of trucking and commercial automobile fleet owners by assisting in reducing costs, applying risk management techniques, and motivating drivers to arrive safely.

Social Services


Whether your organization is non-profit or for profit, it has unique needs. We assist many social/human service and non-profit organizations with their risk management and insurance needs. 

Builder's Risk

Builder’s Risk is a special type of property insurance for buildings while they are under construction. No two forms are alike. Our team specializes in working with our customers to determine the right type of purchase that fits their unique needs.

Property Insurance

This insurance provides protection from most perils such as fire, theft, and weather-related incidents. Property insurance can include flood, earthquake, wind, and boiler, but most of the time, you need to add these in separately.

General Liability

A broad type of insurance policy which provides a business liability insurance for their risks. The main coverage parts are for property damage or bodily injury that the business may cause a third-party.

Insurance for trucks, cars, and other commercial vehicles used on the roadway. It provides financial protection for companies that own vehicles that are involved in an incident which causes bodily injury or property damage.

Business Automobile




These insurance policies help pay for medical expenses, missed wages, or funeral expenses of an injured employee. Each state creates its own statutes for worker's compensation.

Professional Liability

Also known as Errors & Omissions (E&O), it protects a business if it is sued for negligently performing their services, even if no mistakes were made.

A type of insurance policy that businesses and organizations purchase to protect them against employee suits for rights protected under several U.S. Acts (i.e.: ADA). 

Employment Practice


Fiduciary Liability

An insurance policy which protects an organization against E&O or breach of fiduciary duty claims in managing and administering a third-party’s assets. 

Crime Insurance

Protects an organization from several different types of crimes such as: extortion, embezzlement, employee dishonesty, computer fraud, funds transfer fraud, forgery or alteration, money and securities. 

These policies help protect organizations from many different internet and infrastructure risks and activities. Coverages can include both first-party and third-party expenses.

Cyber Insurance

Organizations that operate towing companies, auto & truck dealerships, garages, and auto repair shops are not only transport or fix customer vehicles, they also must keep those assets safe while they have possession of them. 

Garage Liability

Boil & Machinery

Insurance which provides coverage for physical damage and financial loss from equipment breakdown. Covered equipment is vast and includes HVAC systems, boilers, elevators, chillers, and refrigeration units.

 Umbrella insurance  is designed to cover the additional liability limits above auto liability, general liability, worker's compensation, employers liability, employee benefits liability, and professional liability. 

Umbrella Insurance

Both Captive and Consortiums provide a secure way to purchase health insurance by pooling resources in order to obtain better rates. This not only provides the competitive pricing, but also helps offset high-cost claim years.

Captive Insurance

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Brown & Brown Insurance provides risk management solutions to help protect what our customers value most. Our four business segments offer insurance products and services to businesses, corporations, governmental institutions, professional organizations, trade associations, families, and individuals. 


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